Head-On Collision Settlement


Mr. and Mrs. Jones were returning from a trip taking their neighbor to the eye Dr. in Tampa when suddenly and without warning, a vehicle traveling in the oposite direction left the roadway, careened across the median and hit them head-on while they were traveling 70 mph on I-75 in Pasco County.  Fortunately for all concerned, the vehicles involved were both large SUVs which provided better than average protection.  Despite this fact both vehicles were hardly recognizable.

It took over an hour to cut Mr. Jones from his wreckage as they airlifted Mrs. Jones to a Tampa hospital.  In the wreckage of the other vehicle beer bottles were found.  Both Mr. and Mrs Jones suffered life threatening injuries as a result of this accident.  Their recovery was complicated by the hurricanes of 2003, one of which hit just after Mrs. Jones was released from the hospital causing a power outage for days at their home.

A lawsuit was filed against the other driver.  After an exhaustive battle, the case was finally resolved at mediation just before trial for a substantial yet confidential amount.  Mr and Mrs Jones are now able to enter their golden years knowing they will have the ability to address any future medical or financial needs which may arise.

Mary Ann remains in frequent contact with the Jones family.

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