Negligent Security Settlement


Mr and Mrs. Smith knew, when their babysitter and dear friend, ‘Betsy’, didn’t show up on New Year’s Eve to watch their children, something was terribly wrong.  Their fears were realized in the most horrific manner.

‘Betsy’ had been brutally murdered by the maintenance man at her apartment complex.

As it turned out, he had gained entrance to her apt in the middle of the night after he had a drinking spree, by using a ‘master key’.  The apartment industry discontinued the use of a standard master key years earlier.  But, in an apparent attempt to save money, this complex never changed over to a more secure system, despite instructions to do so by their home office upper management.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of the young woman’s grieving parents against the apartment complex.

Through two long years of litigation, personal injury attorney, Mary Ann Morgan , was able to unfold the schemes and failings of this multi-million dollar corporation.  It became abundantly clear this apartment complex was fully aware of the dangers associated with little to no ‘key control’

for their property.  This blatant negligence was the reason this beautiful 24 year old budding actress was viciously killed.

Just before trial, a confidential high seven figure settlement was reached on behalf of this wonderful family.  A fund was set up in the young woman’s name at the University from which she graduated.  Ms. Morgan still receives Christmas cards and photos from the family.

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