RSD Case


Gerald Hodges never realized that when a forklift ran over his foot on a loading platform, that his life would take a spiraling change for the worse due to an injury known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.

RSD is a debilitating  condition usually caused by an innocuous injury to one of your arms or legs.  In this case, the crush-type injury disrupted the body’s sympathetic nerve patterns making the nerves extremely sensitive to touch.  Even something as light as a sheet on the foot caused excruciating pain.  Ultimately Mr Hodges required a permanent morphine pump to be installed into his spinal canal to control his symptoms.

The difficult part was connecting the original injury to the resulting need for lifelong medical care.  Through intense litigation,  Mary Ann Morgan and Tracy Cheek battled the insurance company for the forklift driver .  After four trips across country taking depositions of Doctors and experts in the field, a settlement was reached for $1,200,000.  Mr. and Mrs. Hodges were able to use the recovery to enable them to retire without the anxiety associated with the loss of work and income typically associated with RSD.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodges have been ‘adopted’ into the BMBH family and call whenever they come to Florida from their home in California.

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