What is my Florida personal injury case worth?

Clients always want to know what their personal injury case is worth. The answer is zero to millions. It really will depend on the magnitude of your injuries, and it will also depend on what caused those injuries, so liability or fault on the other party and also how bad your injuries were.

For example, we’re going to want to look at your medical expenses, your wage loss, your pain and suffering, medical expenses going into the future. Many times we hire economists to take a look at what your future needs are going to be, and draw up a life care plan when there is a catastrophic injury. You want to make sure that when you’re trying to make that determination, “What is this case worth,” that you speak to a lawyer who has been doing this for a long time, someone who’s not brand new, who has hired those experts and knows how to evaluate a case based on both the liability and your damages.

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