What kinds of damages are recoverable in a Florida wrongful death claim?

Florida wrongful death statute dictates the damages that are recovered as in most wrongful death cases. Although the pain and suffering aspect is not written in stone. So you do have a claim, for example, if there is a loss of a parent the children, under the age of 25, would have a claim for pain and suffering, loss of parental support and services. A parent, if they lost a child, would also have a claim, if the child was under the age of 25, for pain and suffering, loss of support and services as well. The estate itself would have a claim for the loss of the net accumulations, meaning the money that that person who died would have accumulated over a lifetime less what they were likely to spend.

It’s a complicated answer and it’s very important that you talk to an attorney who’s used to dealing in wrongful death claims so that they can make sure all damages for all parties that would have a claim will be covered.

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