Why should I consider hiring you?

I think people would consider hiring me because of reputation. That’s kind of our motto, reputation matters. It matters because we’ve been doing this for 30 years. I have been so blessed over the last 30 years. I served as president of the Orange County Bar Association, Orange County Legal Aid. I had served on the Board of Governors for 9 years at the Florida Bar, but really it’s not accolades that matter, it’s authenticity, and authenticity makes my clients part of our family.

To me, handling a case with competence, and making sure my clients know that their voice is going to be heard is going to be critical. There are a lot of lawyers, and there are a lot of choices clients have. There are a lot of good lawyers, just make sure that the lawyer that you hire listens to you, that your voice doesn’t get lost in the process, and that that insurance company is going to be to know who they are. They will know we are, we will take care of our clients, and if you come and become part of the Morgan Trial Law family you will not regret it.

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