Identifying the Greatest Risk Factors involving Car Accidents

Auto Accidents are the leading cause of death of Americans under the age of 34. Around 50,000 Americans are killed each year in motor vehicle accidents. In total, there are about 6,000,000 car accidents reported annually that injure nearly 3 million people. These sobering statistics highlight the need for every driver to take extra care when driving to avoid car accidents… more information.

The person driving the car has a 55% greater chance to be seriously injured or killed than their passengers

At Billings Law Firm, we want our Orlando and Orlando friends and neighbors to be safe, first and foremost. If you never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, never send text messages or talk on your cell phone while driving, you reduce the risk that you will be in a car accident by 61%. Unfortunately, you can only govern yourself when it comes to dangerous driving.

Knowing the facts regarding auto accidents can save you or a loved one from being injured or killed. Identifying risk factors such as those above can help us become safer drivers and far less likely to become a victim.

However, Injuries from auto accidents are a fact of life. Common injuries include whiplash, upper and lower back injuries, head injury, partial or full paralysis and bone, and muscle injuries. If you are injured in an auto accident you should seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Medical records often play an important role in determining the outcome of your claim for damages and by waiting to see if your injury gets better on its own, you may be putting enough time in between your accident and your doctor’s visit to cast doubt on the validity of your case.

For over 30 years our Law Firm has been committed to providing legal assistance to Floridians at no cost unless damages are awarded to you in your case. If you have been injured in an auto accident, and are seeking legal council, the Billings Law Firm would be honored to represent you. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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