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Morgan Trial Law is a personal injury law firm in central Florida with nearly 30 years of experience helping clients recover full and fair compensation for catastrophic injuries sustained in serious accidents. Contact us by email or by calling (407) 679-9900 to schedule a consultation.

Orlando Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

  • Car Accidents If you have been injured in a car crash, truck collision, or an accident involving a bus, van, or other motor vehicle, contact an injury attorney today. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping clients obtain compensation from parties who cause personal injuries or deaths. Our attorneys are thoughtful and knowledgeable, compassionate and caring, and we work with the entire family.
  • Motorcycle Accidents No matter what excuse the driver who hit you gives, many car – motorcycle crashes are the other driver’s fault. Failure of motorists to look out for all traffic, including motorcycles, constitutes negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
  • Catastrophic Injuries Catastrophic injuries that you sustain in a car, motorcycle, or trucking accident may disable you for a lifetime. Our personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the help you need.
  • Trucking Accidents It is important to contact an attorney immediately after a truck accident, so that evidence such as the truck driver’s log can be preserved. Our attorneys work closely with accident reconstruction experts.
  • Property Accidents Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented clients in slip and fall cases, negligent / inadequate security cases, property accidents, hotel and motel liability cases, and more. You may have a property accident or negligent security claim if you suffered a personal injury, or were a victim of a violent crime on another’s property. Whether the harm resulted from building code violations, faulty alarm systems, or inadequate safety measures, contact our injury lawyers to help you with your case.
  • Defective Product Claims Defective or dangerous products can cause significant personal injuries. Often these injuries occur as a result of poor manufacturing or faulty construction techniques. Injuries resulting from defective products include those associated with toxic mold and “sick building syndrome.”No matter how you suffered your personal injury, we may be able to help.
  • Wrongful Death Ask us about evaluation of potential wrongful death cases in connection with the Florida tobacco litigation if your husband, wife, mother, or father started smoking more than 40 years ago and died as a result of a nicotine-related ailment.

Contact Morgan Trial Law today to schedule a free initial consultation, and remember, we do not collect a fee unless you receive a settlement or jury award.

Representing Clients with Aviation Accidents and other recreational Vehicles

Our aviation accident attorneys are prepared to handle airplane accident cases involving prop engine planes, private jets, helicopters, and large commercial airplane crashes. We also represent clients who were injured on a boat or other watercraft.

Many clients appreciate the compassionate, honest perspective of our lawyers. For legal representation in a personal injury or wrongful death case, contact us at (407) 679-9900.

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