Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys

In Orlando Florida, people injured in an auto accident call the office of Morgan Trial Law. Our Attorneys approach each case by first looking carefully at all the issues surrounding the accident. This investigative approach ensures the very best legal representation for you and your family and that all losses were considered on your behalf.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida lawyer after you have suffered an injury or lost a family member in an Orlando / Greater Orlando area traffic accident, contact the experienced attorneys at Morgan Trial Law.

A Proper Investigation from the Beginning Helps Build a Strong Case

Proper legal decisions made at the very beginning of a car accident case have the potential to make or break a case.

Early investigation into the circumstances of a car accident is critical. Accident reconstruction experts can best retell the story of a crash when they have the necessary tools and best evidence with which to work.

Witness Statements, Physical Evidence, and Attorney Reputation are Paramount

Key evidence gathered at the site of the of the auto accident, such as identities of witnesses, roadway construction crews, motorists, and others and physical proof (including photos of vehicle crash damage before the cars involved have been repaired or scrapped), is all important. Our experienced attorneys analyze all known facts as we build a case to recover the maximum available compensation for our clients.

When the Orlando personal injury attorneys of Morgan Trial Law present a claim to an insurance claims adjuster, the insurer’s job in large part consists of evaluating the claim on the basis of the integrity, preparedness, and reputation of the lawyer handling the case.

Unwavering Advocates for Our Clients

Many clients of Morgan Trial Law enjoy working with a sensitive compassionate female attorney. We have thirty years of experience working with the Florida auto accident insurance industry and have earned a solid reputation. Our lawyers excel at settlement negotiations, mediation, and in trial. We often find that opposing counsel has omitted or neglected to account for significant facts which we have researched and analyzed in detail ahead of time.

Make the Right Choices From the Beginning

After you have been injured or a family member has been killed in an auto crash on I-4, in a  accident near Disney World, or in a drunk driving crash, contact us. There is no risk involved in talking to an attorney at Morgan Trial Law. Initial consultations are free. We normally handle car accidents on a contingency basis. It costs no more to work with an experienced lawyer than it does to talk with one who handles few auto accident cases and or one who has little or no experience.

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