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Floridians who have lost family members who started smoking more than 40 years ago may have the opportunity to pursue and obtain justice as a result of tobacco litigation which reached the Florida Supreme Court in 2006.

To learn whether your family’s case may fit within the narrow criteria of the tobacco litigation rulings, contact the central Florida law offices of Morgan Trial Law.

Statute of Limitations

There is a brief window of time available in which to file claims on behalf of family members who smoked and died of cancer or emphysema. In all wrongful death cases, statutes of limitations are a concern. For this reason, survivors of fatal accident victims are encouraged to discuss the possibility of a wrongful death claim or lawsuit as soon as possible.

Lawyers Who Understand Families’ Needs after a Fatal Accident

As men and women who understand the power of compassionate support, the lawyers of Morgan Trial Law often find that clients appreciate their family-friendly perspective. We understand the importance of ministering to the family as we walk them through the process of preparing a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

When the Deceased is a Homemaker

When the person who was killed in a car, truck, motorcycle, or airplane crash, or in any accident caused by a defective product or a dangerous property condition is a mother and homemaker, we work diligently to build a case for fair compensation for her family. Children, husbands, and fathers have many needs, including needs that money can help resolve, after the loss of a mom who previously took care of a household. Her services as babysitter, nurse, taxi, cook, and cleaner of the home are of immeasurable worth to a family and deserve full consideration when insurers make settlement offers after a wrongful death.

When the Deadly Crash was the Result of a Drunk Driver

Sometimes a fatal accident is the result of the actions of a drunk driver. Families of victims appreciate our determination to help ensure that the drunk driver is prosecuted. In drunk driving cases, justice is as important to survivors as monetary compensation.

In addition to addressing the legal aspects of the drunk driving wrongful death, we encourage families to establish connections with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), which has resources that are useful to families who have lost breadwinners, homemakers, or children because of a drunk driver’s negligence. Victims’ compensation funds and assistance with investigations and probate are examples of ways that a support group such as MADD can help a family move forward after the shock of an accidental death.

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